We wish all our students well as they begin their state STAAR tests and hope they all do their very best.  We would like to remind those who have asked that the state does not allow "opting out" of state testing.  The State of Texas created STAAR and controls all requirements regarding testing including not allowing "opting out." It is beyond our control.  For those who simply choose not to send a child during the testing window, we are then required to assess the need for accelerated instruction such as before/after school tutoring and summer school and treat the "opt out" as a failure on the test.  Of course, we certainly want to work with any parent who is concerned about testing, and we are available to visit with you at any time about the requirements surrounding state testing.  We completely understand and are sympathetic to those for whom state testing is a sensitive topic, and we respect all viewpoints regarding this State of Texas requirement.  Contact your child's campus principal if you have any questions or need additional information regarding STAAR testing.  Please help us help your child to be successful by ensuring they receive plenty of rest and have a positive outlook on their ability to succeed.  Your teachers, your children, and you have all worked hard to ensure success, and we believe in each and every one of our students.