Principal's Message

Kelsea Broomas, Principal

Kelsea Broomas

East Chambers Junior High School



I’m extremely honored and proud to be back in my hometown serving in the

very halls that I walked during my early teenage years. I could not be more

thrilled to continue the legacy of the green and gold as the principal at East

Chambers Junior High. It is my goal to ensure that all students have the

opportunity to earn a high-quality education, experience the fun that

students can have on a secondary campus, and have a safe environment to

be productive students. I truly believe in having a family culture on campus,

and I want the staff, students, community, and guests of ECJH to feel that.

We hope that our Buccaneers leave this campus with the ability to Be Monumentally Different.

Kelsea Broomas
Junior High Principal

Be Monumentally Different