A group of our UIL students traveled to Waco this past weekend to compete in an Academic UIL Competition. The Bucs did a fantastic job!

Novice LD Debate: Rylan Fontenot (1st)

Varsity LD Debate: Dax Henley (1st), Ethan Roberson (6th)

Extempt (Persuasive) Dax Henley (1st), Ethan Robertson (2nd), Ayden Tapley (3rd)

Extempt(Informative) Dakota Matthews (1st), Jonathan Carter (2nd), Kullen Spencer (3rd), Christian Carter (4th)

Novice CX (Ethan and Kullen) (1st), Lincoln and Christian (2nd)

Varsity CX (Ayden and Jonathan (2nd), Omni and Kevin (4th)